Pastor Phelan "PJ" Jones:  "Language, Culture and Context" 

   “Long ago, my wife Christi and I noticed that there seemed to be much more in the Bible than we were understanding.  It became apparent that many of the seemingly vague and poetic verses had deep and profound meaning at the time they were written.  As we began to dig deeper, we found that if we looked at the language and the culture and the context, taking all three into consideration could reveal a world and wealth of information that is easily missed.  It's not that it is actually hidden, it's just that we are so far removed from the time and culture that it seems hidden to us.   

  Our approach became to present the Bible in its Hebraic perspective of "LANGUAGE, CULTURE and CONTEXT".  This unique approach unlocks the Scriptures and gets us back to the original meaning so that God can empower us in our daily lives as we impact the world in which we live.”

   Pastor Phelan Jones has worked alongside his wife and researcher Christi as they studied Biblical history, culture and biblical archaeology for over 20 years.  Together, they have shared their passion for God’s Word with each other and those around them.

   With his wife's support, Pastor “PJ” had the opportunity to work on numerous projects in Israel with the Antiquities Authority, the Holy-Land University, the University of NC and many others.  He found that the projects often brought out as many questions as they solved. His wife Christi spent her time searching history and the Scriptures for the questions that were raised as they brought the two worlds together to be able to share with you.

   An example, is that boats are mentioned over 70 times in the Newer Testament, yet we often imagine these New Testament events as taking place in a desert environment. Pastor "PJ" and Christi are both fans of the Bible and boats as were Yeshua and His disciples.  Their unique perspective helps bring the real Biblical world to life!  Phelan and Christi are the founders of HaBiet Messianic Congregation on Hwy 17 in San Mateo, Florida (right near the St. John's River)and would love for you to stop by and see them.  Their warm and friendly atmosphere will make you will feel right at home as their studies take you on a Biblical journey back to the land of the Messiah.


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