Pastor Phelan "PJ"  Jones:  "Language, Culture and Context"  


  Our unique approach presents the Bible from the perspective of its "LANGUAGE, CULTURE and CONTEXT".  This unique approach gets us back to the original meaning of the Scriptures so that it can impact and empower our lives the way it was originally intended.  

  Pastor "PJ"  has worked and studied in Biblical Archaeology and Ancient Middle Eastern History and Culture, for over 25 years.  He has worked on numerous projects in Israel with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the Holy-Land University, the University of NC and many others.  Pastor "PJ" has long been a fan of the Bible and boats and his unique perspective brings the Bible world to life! Phelan is the pastor of HaBiet Messianic Congregation, near the St. John's river in San Mateo, Florida.

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