HaBiet ("Ha-by-it") Messianic Congregation: Service Sabbath, 1:30 PM

Brick church at the top of the hill.  Let's "Aliyah" (go up) to "HaBiet" (The House).

496 South US HWY 17, San Mateo, Florida 32187        *386-530-1437   

Only Two People Have Ever Offered to die For You:

Yeshua the Messiah Who Died For Your Soul, and The American Soldier Who Died For Your Freedom.

 I suggest that we do not fully appreciate the sacrifice of either.


  SABBATH SERVICE-  Starts at 1:30 PM with announcements, praise and worship.  Torah and Bible teachings start around 3:00 and ends around 4:00 with Oneg / (pot luck)

  MIDWEEK MIDRASH - Online Only: Wednesday Nights  7:30pm-8:30pm.  Focused studies on topics and verses.   (Click the "Midweek Midrash" tab on the home page to join us.)

  COVERED-KIDS  Class:  Every other week.             

  DANCE CLASS- Sabbath at 12:30.  Learn new songs and dance practice before each Shabbat. 

Trail-Life USA meetings are now on Tuesday nights at 6:30.  If you know someone who has a boy between 5 and 18 who would want to be involved in Christian Scouting organization, invite them to contact us. ________________________________________________________________________________________

PURIM PARTY MARCH 8th at 6pm- Bring a covered dish, your Bibles and dress as your favorite Biblical Character or CONCEPT!!!!   We will read through the book of Esther (oowh- aah!) and understand how the evil Hayman (Boo!) tried to kill the Jews.   But Mordacai (YAY!) petitioned Esther (oowh-aah!) to seek the Kings assistance.  Lots of food and fun!  Costume contest!!!

JOSHUA FELIX FROM AFRICA WILL BE HERE MARCH 11TH- Joshua Felix will be here and provide the message for Saturday Service March 11th.  This is a service you do not want to miss!!!!!

ROSH CHODESH/ NEW MOONApril 21 at  sundown will be the visual siting of the new moon and  that ushers in the first Biblical month. 


PASSOVER-  April 5th is Passover day.  That evening we will be celebrating Passover in each of our homes.  We will be broadcasting live the Passover service for anyone who wishes to follow.  Service begins at 6pm.   Be sure to have the following items for your meal:  Bitter herbs (commanded: you may use horseradish), celery or parsley (not commanded), salt water (not commanded), haroset (not commanded), matzo (commanded).  The link to the zoom meeting will follow

UNLEAVENED BREAD- April 6th is the First day of Unleavened Bread and it is a High Day (Sabbath).   Unleavened Bread runs all week through April 12th.   During this time we are commanded to eat unleavened Bread each day to remind us of when we left Egypt in haste and getting sin out of our lives.  

LAST DAY OF UNLEAVENED BREAD- Last day of Unleavened Bread is April 12th and this is also a Sabbath.  We will meet at 6pm for a pot luck dinner.

ROSH CHODESH/ NEW MOONApril 21 at  sundown will be the visual siting of the new moon and  that ushers in the  Second Biblical month. 


ROSH CHODESH/ NEW MOONMay 20 at  sundown will be the visual siting of the new moon and  that ushers in the  Third Biblical month. 

SHAVUOT (PENTACOST)- May 28th at 11:00- 3:00 we will meet at Silver lake for a pic-nick and baptism to celebrate Shavuot

2021-22 TORAH PORTION SCHEDULE- Reminder to get your free schedule of the Weekly Readings.   Pick up your schedule in the front lobby or in the Bayt-Cafe at HaBiet on Shabbat.

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Today's Video: Tetra Scroll: Proving Adam's Creation Date:    Filmed at HaBiet Feast of Tabernacles

The Dented Maserati

Courtesy of

 "Jerusalem: 4000 years in 5 minutes!"